Acne Free Skin!

Acne problems? have you check your current diet and lifestyle?

At Fleuron, we care about your skin and therefore, would like to share some tips on managing acne and breakout problems.

Diet and lifestyle factors affecting your skin condition!

1) Excess consumption of alcohol - When over consuming alcohol you are damaging your liver and increases the chance of acne and breakouts.

2) Are you getting enough sleep? - Sleep deprivation may cause hormonal imbalance and contribute to poor skin health. The increase of cortisol level in the body contribute to more breakouts and acne problems. Long term stress problem may magnify skin problem into chronic eczema and psoriasis.

3) Consuming too much salt in your diet? - Excess salt intake may contribute to excess production of oil as the body tries to balance dehydration caused by salt.

Simple anti acne diet tips!

Certain foods raise your blood sugar more effectively than others, which causes the body to release a hormone called insulin. Having excess insulin in your blood makes your oil glands to produce more oil, causing bumps and acne on your skin.

Low Glycemic Foods: Eating low-glycemic foods like whole grains, legumes and unprocessed fruits and veggies, reduces your risk of developing acne. These foods contain complex carbohydrates which promote bowel regularity and help to control cholesterol.

Foods Rich in Zinc: Studies depict that foods containing high concentrations of zinc are useful in preventing and treating acne. Foods including pumpkin seeds, cashew beef, turkey, quinoa seeds and lentils are rich in zinc.

Vitamins A and E: Low levels of vitamins A and E can cause severe instances of acne. Eat food rich in Vitamin A and E but if you’re planning to take supplements, do talk to your doctor and practitioner before doing that. Overdose of Vitamin A can cause permanent damage to your major organs.

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