The Magical Rose Essential Oil

Rejuvenate and awaken your skin cells!

The Magical Rose Essential Oil

Rose is a rich, sweet, floral aroma known to calm and balance your mind. Rose makes for a magical essential oil, packed with goodness of 9000 pounds of rose petals! This essential oil has rich and enticing history. Let us take you to the time when the Rose was first discovered.

History of the Rose Essential Oil

Originated about 70 million years ago, the rose flower is a magnificent and a truly ancient finding. About 5000 years ago, China started cultivating the same rose flowers that Cleopatra adorned her Egyptian court with.

One of her beauty secrets was that she used to bathe in lavish rose oils and milk.

Rich source of nutrients

The rose essential oil is a rich concoction of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that work together to heal your dry and sensitive skin.

It can be used as an antiseptic to treat acneic skin, rashes and inflammation.

It makes for one of the best topical ointments as it has soothing, anti inflammatory and cooling properties.

Why is it good for your skin?

Rose essential oil is a treat for your skin! The fragrance and therapeutic integrity of the oil is what makes it nature’s role model for attaining a healthy and radiant skin. No wonder why it’s a must have at a bachelorette spa!

Rose absolute oil does not just smell great; it is blessed with a variety of benefits for our skin.

• Antiseptic (Antimicrobial property to reduce growth of disease-causing microorganisms)

• Anti-inflammatory (Purify pores to reduce sensitivity and acne breakouts)

• Astringent (Helps to tone and strengthen aging skin)

• Cicatrisant (Skin healing and cell rejuvenation)

• Depurative (Detoxifying effect to reduce toxin build in in pores)

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